We live in a concious cosmos that is permeated with a creative intelligence
and an intrinsic order.  Every life has a purpose within the larger whole.
Astrology is one means by which to discern this purpose.

– Demetra George

We all share a human hunger for patterns.  Not everyone “speaks astrology,” but it is an ancient and powerful language of image, symbol and archetype, which can help us articulate our current position, understand the soul’s calling we were born with, and shed light on our next steps.

We bring meaning to the birth chart by holding an intention of clarity – astrology as a gateway to our inner knowing.  As a map, astrology points us towards some pertinent questions and may help us create meaning, but we won’t confuse it with the actual terrain, ie. you and your life, with its inherent ecology of experience, choice and possibility.

“Thankyou for what you did today.  My heart feels really full.  It was amazing to get an eagle view of this life.  I can step with renewed trust in the patterns.”
– M-L

My Approach
Astrology is a vast field in which I will always be a student.  The best approach, I find, is one of exploration and curiosity.

There are numerous ways the archetypes of astrology can be expressed, and for this reason, I find the map most helpful when we can anchor the symbology in some lived experience.  Our conversations often start with some story-telling, prompted by particular dates suggested by your birth chart.

From here we can start to explore what a general, multi-faceted symbol like Jupiter might represent for you specifically, and how you may be embodying this energy in this lifetime.

My practice is informed by traditional astrology, the inheritance of almost two thousand years of astrological inquiry, dating back to the Babylonians, and incorporating Persian, Greek and Roman understandings. For those who are familiar with astrological concepts and structures, practically this means I use whole-sign houses, and traditional planetary rulerships in general, amongst other things.

Astrology can help us name both the places of struggle and the places of flow, in our life.
With this clarity and compassion, our mindset can change, and so can our reality. Now, that really is magic!